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In collaboration with clinically active colleagues, infectiological issues are investigated depending on the situation. For example, the influence of an antifungal stewardship program on patients suffering from candidemia could be proven. The current therapeutic regimen for toxoplasmosis in pregnancy is based on data from a corresponding study of more than 600 pregnant women. With Corynebacterium goettingense, a new Corynebacterium species was identified and described, which we named after the city of Göttingen. 

In addition, for more than ten years there has been intensive cooperation with partner institutes in
Ghana, Tanzania and Indonesia, which initially aimed tobuild capacitythrough targeted individual training and numerous DAAD-funded summer schools.
The scientific collaboration focuses primarily on epidemiological topics in the areas of gastrointestinal infections, mycoses and pregnancy-related infections.
This work
has shown that the epidemiology of Clostridioides difficile infection appears to be different, particularly in African countries, than in Germany .Our joint investigations have contributed to the regional introduction of pregnancy-related HBV screening in Ghana and vaccination against rubella in Tanzania. It was also shown that vaccination against HPV does not adequately cover the viral genotypes prevalent in Ghana.

Selected Publications:

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